Respite Services for Carers:

Welcome to our Short Term Accommodation (STA) support services, offering a reprieve for dedicated carers. At Treasure Disability Care, we understand the vital role carers play in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Our STA services are designed to provide you with the break you deserve, ensuring you remain healthy and well-equipped to continue your essential caregiving duties.

Supporting Families and Carers:

As a caregiver for a family member with a disability, your well-being is crucial not just for yourself, but for your family and the person you care for. Embrace regular breaks to maintain your health and overall well-being. Treasure Disability Care is here to support you in this journey.

Respite Bookings:

Explore the option of respite now! Bookings are open, and our team is ready to assist you. Call us at 1300 520 111 or contact us to schedule your well-deserved break.

Expert Care and 24-hour Support:

At Treasure Disability Care, we provide expert care and round-the-clock support for individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities in our STA residential homes located throughout Sydney. Our dedicated homes cater to children aged 7-17 and adults aged 18 and over.

Experience Enriching Stays:

During their stay, your family members will engage in enjoyable activities, both within our homes and through community excursions. Socializing with fellow guests, fostering independence, and developing life skills are integral parts of the Treasure Disability Care experience.

Tailored STA Services:

Our STA services offer flexible short-term or medium-term stays, personalized to meet individual needs. Your loved one will enjoy a secure and comfortable environment with outdoor spaces, 24-hour support from our highly trained staff, and opportunities to build new friendships.

Community-Centric Locations:

Discover our STA homes across Sydney, including children’s homes (ages 7-17) in Oran Park, Thornleigh, and Forestville, and adult homes (ages 18 and over) in Belrose, Guildford, Hornsby, St Ives, and Chester Hill, Villawood, Hunter Region, Central Coast.

Testimonial from Respite Manager:

“As a Respite Manager, I witness firsthand the transformative impact of Treasure Disability Care’s short-term accommodation. Individuals develop crucial skills for independent living, form lasting friendships, and uncover new experiences. Recognizing the challenges faced by full-time caregivers, our respite services provide a valuable moment for families to rest and reconnect.”

– Oliver Smith, Respite Manager at Treasure Disability Care