There are three different ways to manage your funds in the NDIS plan. These are:

Managed by NDIS: In this method, it is the responsibility of NDIS itself to manage your funds.

Managed by Plan Manager: In this method, the plan manager hired by you managed the fund on your behalf as per your requirements. Here, the plan manager is obliged to pay for your expenses related to the NDIS on your behalf.

Managed by Self: In this method, it is your responsibility to manage the funds received under your NDIS plan. For this, you will have a participant portal service for your support in paying bills related to your NDIS plan

Yes, you are free to involve your family members during each and every stage of the NDIS planning process and meetings.
Yes, you are entitled to change NDIS service provider at any stage as per your convenience, if you are not happy with the service provided under your NDIS plan.
Yes, it is ideal to have a pre-planning before meeting with the NDIS. We are happy to support you in this. Our coordinators will support you on all relevant aspects of NDIS like the application process, goals, objectives, and resolve your issues related to the eligibility criteria.