Sport Integrational Program

Treasure Disability Care’s NDIS sport scheme aims to provide diverse sports for all ages and abilities. This programme facilitates interaction with people who share similar mental capabilities, promoting friendship and connections.

1. What does our NDIS Sport Program offer?

Our NDIS Sport Programme offers a wide range of sports including Athletics, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Hockey, Rugby, AFL, T-ball and Cricket. All of these sports take place in your local area!

2. Why choose our Programme?

Our programme was carefully created by a children’s physiotherapist and occupational therapist. Its goal is to improve both large and small body movements, to build a strong base of sports knowledge and to keep interest high by offering many sports. If you want to boost your self-confidence, feel better about yourself and be proud of what you achieve, which all help your mental health, then get in touch!

3. Who is our Programme perfect for?

Our programme is perfect for people with disabilities who love sports and want to make new friends and learn new skills. If you want to meet people your age and skill level, this programme will make you feel right at home!