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Treasure Disability Care is a client-oriented National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) certified provider helping people with disabilities to live peaceful and happy life both in-home and community. With us, NDIS participants are free to access NDIS funding either directly by approaching us or in collaboration with other services. We aim to bring an NDIS program into your life.

We assure to work closely with you to create a personalised support plan that meets your specific needs and requirements and helps you to attain your personal goal and aspiration. We can also assist you with a non-funding service. If you are looking for a provider that helps you to attain your goal, give us a call now.

Our highest priority is to help you to enjoy greater independence. 

Our Disability Support Services

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About Us

Treasure Disability Care as a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme provider aims to provide continuous physical wellness services to those with severe and permanent disabilities.


NDIS is an Australian Government Scheme initiated by the Australian Government that strives to provide extensive support to Australians with a disability, their families, and carers.

Our Services

NDIS provides a range of flexible support services across Australia which promote independence while supporting people with disabilities to lead their life in the best possible manner and fulfil their dreams.


If you are looking for support coordination for disabled clients, Treasure Disability Care is here to allow for efficient referrals for patients with disabilities. Simply fill our online referral form online.

Registered NDIS service provider in Sydney, NSW providing funding for a range of services to NDIS Participants.

Why choose us?


We appreciate one size does not worth it for all. Everyone has their own journey. Considering this, we assure to provide a personalized NDIS plans to all our participants.


Our professional disability matters staff genuinely care and support our clients. They assure you to spend time getting to know you and your personalized needs and preference.


We understand your information is confidential and is secured with us at all times. We assure you to adopt all necessary steps to safeguard your personal information from unauthorized disclosure, loss, misuse, or alteration.


We aim to support Australians living with disabilities by providing an individualized NDIS plan that sets the ground required to live extravagantly.