Behavioural Support Plans

Treasure Disability Care, an NDIS provider located in Guildford, NSW, is ready to assist if your child displays challenging behaviour.

Challenging behaviour in children is common. Through your child’s NDIS Plan, you can get help to manage it.

You must offer evidence of your child’s behaviour to get support from NDIS. This can be a goal to better relations like wanting help to understand emotions and behaviour better.

Proof can come from reports or letters from doctors, psychologists, schools, or therapists. These documents should explain how support now will lower the risk of worsening behaviour.

Available support can include a tailor-made Behaviour Support Plan for your child. Training for you as a family is also possible.

Some services can offer a quote for a Behaviour Support Plan and training. Having a quote makes it easier for the NDIS to include this help in your child’s Plan.

Behaviour support is typically managed by NDIA. This means you must use NDIA registered practitioners for these plans and tactics.

Two levels of NDIS funding for behaviour support are:

1. Specialist Behaviour Intervention Support: For harmful behaviours. The Behaviour Support Plan might need to limit some of a person’s rights, like moving around freely.

2. Behaviour Support Plan and training: A Behaviour Support Plan provides details about what starts the behaviour and how to lower or stop it. A registered Behaviour Support Practitioner can make a plan with your child’s therapists. This includes tactics and training to assist your child and family.

Your Support Coordinator can suggest Behaviour Support Practitioners for your child. You can find a Provider in the myplace portal. Select ‘Capacity Building’ and then ‘Relationships’ in the Support Category box. You can also use ‘Positive Behaviour Support Intervention’ to search for services.