Art Therapy

Art therapy is a unique approach that uses art making, movement, and other creative activities to help individuals communicate and express their feelings. This method is especially useful for those finding it hard to express their thoughts and emotions through speech alone. Various forms of artistic expression are used in the process, including:

– Images
– Colours
– Movements
– Sounds
– Shapes

Art therapy isn’t limited to visual arts like painting or drawing. The charm of this therapy lies in its flexibility. If you have a knack for drawing or painting, you’re welcome to incorporate them into your session.

Nevertheless, at our division Crayons and Stuff, we provide the chance to explore a myriad of forms, such as:

– Visual arts, for example, painting, collage, pencils, pastels, and Textas
– Poetry and narratives
– Clay and sand play
– Installations
– Photography
– Digital drawing
– Editing and animation
– Objects and textiles
– Movements
– Music
– Dance and drama

We encourage you to experience the multifaceted world of art therapy, and express yourself in ways you find most comforting and rewarding.