Assist-Life Stage, Transition

Transitions such as starting or changing school, leaving home for university, getting the first job, or retiring are part of every individual’s life. Transition to a new stage of life is not an easy task both physically and emotionally, and it becomes tedious for people with disabilities. Transitions become more challenging when it comes to new environments and settings. To overcome these issues, Treasure Disability Care offers a wide range of support to help you with life stage transitions. 

We assure to make your transition phase as simple as possible without disrupting your comfort zone. Our life stages transition programs come with both long term and short term and depending on the customer’s requirement. This enables the participant to live a comfortable life and participate in different community activities. 

With us, you will learn how the transition in life is unavoidable and how accepting the changes in life happily at each stage increases the sense of value and well-being. 

Our group of support workers will provide you following support:

  • Support Connection and Coordination
  • Assistance With Decision Making 
  • Started a new job, or school
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Assistance with Life Planning and Goal Planning
  • Assistance in managing or coordinating new life stages.

Assistance with accommodation and rental obligations