Daily Tasks / Shared Living

We truly appreciate that dream to live independently sometimes feels like it can’t be achieved, but with our excellent services, we can make your dream a reality.  We want everyone to live freely and independently, which is why our daily living support enables our participants to perform their daily tasks both in-home and community.  

Treasure Disability Care provides individual support that is customized according to your unique requirements. Whether you are living in your home or rental property, we ensure that we will assist or keep an eye on your personal chores of daily living that enable you to live your life as independently as possible.

With our daily living support services, you may be able to look at yourself with more confidence.  Our knowledgeable and cheerful team will assist you to complete your daily activities on your own or complete part of them for you. Whatever you are looking for, our professional team can assist you with a range of services including:

  • Assisting with cleaning and toileting which includes cleaning bathroom, floor, tiles, glass surface, along with toilets, bathtubs, and showers.
  • Providing helping hands with kitchen including dishwashing facilities, cleaning microwave, fridges, sink, floors, and wall surface, arranging food and utensils as well as preparing healthy wholesome meals, and shopping for grocery. 
  • Assist you with transportation to attend appointments.
  • Assist you with social, leisure, and communal activities.
Most importantly educate you on how to live independently as well as support you with the basic task like helping you to put on your clothes and getting ready for the day, Gardening, Sweeping, or Mowing the lawn laundry including ironing, washing, hanging, or organizing clothing.