Assistive Prod-Household Tasks

Assistive products for household tasks are specialized equipment that helps you in cooking, cleaning, washing, and home maintenance.  As a registered NDIS provider, our aim is to provide you with support with assistive products so that you can live your life independently. We also assure you to provide wheelchair and other mobility equipment that assist you with toileting, showering & other routine activities. Our other assistive products include:

  • Alarm and Door Bells
  • Adapted Clock
  • Assistive Devices for Household Tasks Like Cooking, Cleaning, and Dishwashing
  • programmable Memory Aids 
  • Environmental control units (ECUs) 

We suggest you discuss your requirements with us and we make every effort to provide you with the right equipment that makes your household tasks easier and you feel more independent. So, avail of our service and experience the confidence you feel by doing every household task on your own.