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Empowering Lives through Supported Independent Living (SIL):

Treasure Disability Care stands as a beacon of experience, offering unparalleled expertise as one of Australia’s leading Supported Independent Living (SIL) providers. With over 7 years of commitment, we have been dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities in finding not just houses, but happy, safe, and accessible homes.

Your SIL Journey with Treasure Disability Care:

Experience a positive and enriching Supported Independent Living (SIL) journey with Treasure Disability Care. We prioritize understanding your unique needs and aspirations by working closely with you, your family, or carers. Our goal is to ensure that your time in SIL accommodation is not just supportive but genuinely fulfilling. Begin your search for a new SIL home today!

Get in Touch:

Contact us at 1300 520 111 for any inquiries or to initiate your SIL journey with Treasure Disability Care. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is more than just accommodation; it’s a comprehensive NDIS support package designed to facilitate living arrangements tailored to your needs. Whether living with others who share similar experiences or opting for independent living, our SIL services extend beyond the ordinary. We offer support for daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care, empowering you to build and embrace your independence fully.

Enriching Lives in SIL Houses:

Treasure Disability Care’s SIL houses serve as more than just residences; they are vibrant communities fostering connections and inclusivity. Beyond aiding with daily tasks, our SIL services open doors to new activities, social events, and hobbies both within your home and in the local community.

Connect with Treasure Disability Care:

Discover the Treasure Disability Care difference in Supported Independent Living. Contact us for general inquiries and embark on a journey toward a more independent and fulfilling life.

Phone: 1300 520 111

General Enquiries: info@treasuredc.com.au

Join Treasure Disability Care in shaping a brighter and more empowered future through Supported Independent Living.