Health & Safety

The covid-19 pandemic had made intense fear and worries in the personalities of NDIS participants. We at Treasure Disability Care face numerous questions related to the impact of the pandemic on the help NDIS participants get under the NDIS plan. We assure to manage it and tackle the participants’ issues with ease. If you anytime find that your issues are not resolved, you can contact us, and we will be happy to serve you.  

Endless Service

We assure that NDIS participants receive endless services that have been planned according to their special needs and preference. Our highly experienced team assures you to provide you with help anytime you look for it. We encourage every member to follow the guidelines issued by the government and health specialists every now and then.

Constant Support

We assure that our participants constantly supporting you and the entire team keep on working with certain additional safety measures as considered significant. All immediate actions are taken to secure the security of the workers and the NDIS participants.

Using the NDIS Funds To Purchase The PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

If you are looking to buy PPE items such as face masks, faces shields, and gloves then you are free to use your NDIS funds to purchase these items. Hand sanitizers are not considered as the component of PPE. Therefore, you cannot use your NDIS funds for such buys. Hand Sanitizers continue to be your personal expense.

Planned and self-managed participants can purchase the PPE kits through NDIS providers and record their claims in the usual way.

Will you impose an additional amount due to the covid-19 pandemic?

No, NDIS providers do must not add any charges to the cost of the support they provide. All the service provides need to follow the price limit prescribed for that support in the NDIS value guide.