Occupational Therapy

At Treasure Disability Care, our Occupational Therapy service is dedicated to helping individuals take part in daily tasks. Our therapists engage with each individual closely to aid them in carrying out necessary and meaningful tasks in all life areas. This could mean teaching new skills, altering tasks, suggesting helpful tools or changes to the person’s setting, and encouraging them to do tasks on their own.

Main advantages:

1. Boosts Ability to Do Things Alone: Occupational therapy helps people to carry out day-to-day tasks better and by themselves, raising their practical skills and life quality.
2. Improves Involvement: It helps people to take an active part in daily tasks, from looking after themselves to work or fun activities, making life more enjoyable overall.
3. Looks After Health: By helping people to take part in tasks that matter to them, occupational therapy looks after both body and mind health.